How are electromagnets created?

Answer An electromagnetic field is created every time electricity passes through a wire. By coiling the wire, the strength of the magnetic field can be increased to the point where the coil begins to func... Read More »

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How do electromagnets work?

Electromagnets are devices that become magnetic when electric current is applied to them. Electromagnets are used in many different devices or machinery, including electric engines, magnetic hoists... Read More »

What are electromagnets?

Electromagnets are magnets that use electricity to gain their magnetic properties. They are made up of a metal coil that is wrapped around an iron core. Powering the coil induces strong magnetic pr... Read More »

How do headphones use electromagnets?

A LONG time, if you keep them in good condition. In-Ear heaphones can last FOREVER, as long as:1) You don't wind them up- this can break the wires inside in the long run.2) You don't get them tangl... Read More »

How are electromagnets made?

While very large electromagnets have been built for a variety of technical applications, it is possible to build your own on a much smaller scale with just a coil of wire and a power source.Electro... Read More »