How are electromagnets constructed?

Answer Electromagnets consist primarily of coiled electrical wire. They function like regular magnets; the only difference is that an electromagnet works only when electricity flows through the wire coil.... Read More »

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How do electromagnets work?

Electromagnets are devices that become magnetic when electric current is applied to them. Electromagnets are used in many different devices or machinery, including electric engines, magnetic hoists... Read More »

How do earphones use electromagnets?

They dont. They use a stationary permanent magnet, as a loudspeaker does. Ellectrostatic loudspeakers and earphones don't have any type of magnet.

How do headphones use electromagnets?

A LONG time, if you keep them in good condition. In-Ear heaphones can last FOREVER, as long as:1) You don't wind them up- this can break the wires inside in the long run.2) You don't get them tangl... Read More »

Do ovens use electromagnets?

Newer freezers compliant to efficiency standards use R-404a. However an older unit may only be able to us R-22 (which will be completely phased out by 2020).