How are ee bond interest rates set?

Answer Series EE savings bonds are guaranteed by the U.S. Government to pay interest and principal. Interest rates are set twice per year, depending on calculations formulated by the Treasury Department.D... Read More »

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About Savings Bond Interest Rates?

The volatility of the stock market can be too much for some investors. However, the low interest rates paid by many bank savings accounts aren't a great deal either. It is little wonder then that m... Read More »

Short Term Bond Vs. Long-Term Bond Rates?

The relationship between the yield of a bond on the one hand and its term, or time to maturity, on the other is sometimes known as the "term structure." When it is plotted on a graph in which time-... Read More »

Why does the Fed cut interest rates?

The Federal Reserve System--the "Fed," for short--uses interest rate reductions to stimulate economic activity. The Fed's influence over interest rates is one of its most powerful tools.The FedThe ... Read More »

How do interest rates change?

There are many types and variations of interest rates, and most of those in the United States are influenced by the Federal Reserve as they monitor and change key rates in response to multiple fact... Read More »