How are domain names organized?

Answer Without domain names, you would have to memorize the Internet Protocol, or IP, address of every website you frequently visited. Of course, there is a certain hierarchy to domain names, just as ther... Read More »

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How to Set up Domain Names?

Without a domain name, anyone wanting to operate a website must operate a subdomain on someone else's website. Knowing how to set up a domain name, however, allows you to have your own, unique webs... Read More »

How to Buy Taken Domain Names?

A taken domain name is one that is already registered. However, the owner may be willing to sell the domain name to you, especially if there isn't a website on it already. The price she asks will d... Read More »

When do domain names expire?

Domain names expire when the registrar fails to renew the domain. The web host will usually provide notice when a domain is about to expire and typically they provide a grace period, which differs... Read More »

How to Assign Domain Names?

Bloggers and individuals who run their own online businesses place a lot of importance on their domain names. Assigning a domain name to your website is important because it allows visitors to type... Read More »