How are dice made?

Answer Throughout history, dice have played an integral part in all forms of gaming entertainment, from family board games to high-stakes gambling. While modern dice are most often constructed from plasti... Read More »

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What are dice made of?

Dice can and have been made from just about anything. Originally early craftsmen made them from ivory and bone. Modern dice are usually made out of a plastic resin that has been molded into the a... Read More »

What are casino dice made of?

Casino dice have been made of cellulose acetate since the 1950s. From the 1920s to the 1950s, casino dice were made of cellulose nitrate. The switch was made because cellulose acetate is more durab... Read More »

When was sequence dice game made?

Jax Ltd. published the board game Sequence Dice in 1999. Players take turns rolling the dice and placing a chip on the number on the game board corresponding to the roll, attempting to create a seq... Read More »

Tell me how do i rig dice?