How are diamonds turned into usable forms?

Answer Diamonds, some of the hardest substances in the word, can only be cut with other diamonds. Most are cut down according to the natural imperfections in the raw diamond.Finding The GrainThe first ste... Read More »

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How are diamonds turned into usable form?

The process of turning diamonds into usable form occurs in four basic phases. First, a diamond is mined. Second, it is sorted and sifted. Third, its quality is evaluated and classified. Last, based... Read More »

How to Turn an Attic into Usable Space?

Many people view their attics as storage space, but if the attic is large enough, it can be used for other purposes, such as a bedroom, an office or a studio. If the attic is unfinished, however, y... Read More »

How is natural gas converted into usable energy?

With the presence of fuel-injection devices and closed-loop carburetors in the fuel delivery system, many internal combustion engines can run on natural gas. Natural gas burns inside the engine cyl... Read More »

Does anyone Remember that 90s childrens tv show where a boy went into his room and it turned into a spaceship?

While many people say he is a duck, Big Bird from Sesame Street is believed to be a giant canary. However, in one episode he makes a reference to being a condor. In another, he said he was a lark.