How are databases used in the real world?

Answer The ability to retrieve information in a timely fashion is essential to the efficient flow of information. Businesses depend on the ability to quickly access specific information about financial tr... Read More »

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How is density used in the real world?

For starters, in analytical science, when trying to make up a certain molarity of solution, you can be given the density of a liquid. from that and the molecular weight of the liquid, you can figur... Read More »

Are relative databases& relational databases the same thing?

When referring to database structures, there is no such thing as a relative database. However, there are relational databases. While the two terms have similar definitions, the terms are not interc... Read More »

List of Databases Used With Java?

Java is a software development tool used to make Web, desktop and mobile applications. Databases are the central component for dynamic content, so Java supports connecting to the common database so... Read More »

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