How are cos genetically modified?

Answer what is COS?

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What is so bad about genetically modified food?

The main concern people have is the ethical concern, and then we all have a really good reason to not trust that these foods are safe. Why? Because they are brought to us by Monsanto, which also an... Read More »

Is my weed genetically modified?

Sensimilla is a naturally grown hemp which is Spanish "sin semilla" which means "without seeds", but even Sensimilla has some seeds (some times 10 a plant) or it wouldn't be able to re-product. Bu... Read More »

Is most corn nowadays genetically modified?

No, any that is, you will know about it before you buy it. The labels on gm foods are clear to make sure there is no confusion. Also, it would be illegal for them not to state whether a food is gm ... Read More »

Are genetically modified foods good for you?

AnswerYes: Good is relative, but modified means it has better pest and disease resistance. Therefore, there is fewer chemical intervention methods.