How are coral reefs being destroyed?

Answer Coral reefs, some of the most delicate and complex ecosystems on the planet, are rapidly dying and being destroyed. The cause of most coral-reef destruction lies with human behavior.WeatherHurrican... Read More »

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How Are Coral Reefs Classified?

Those colorful coral reefs, home to over 25 percent of the world's marine fish, are found in shallow warm water off the shores of Australia, Jamaica and other places along the equator. Even though ... Read More »

How are coral reefs formed?

Coral reefs are the most productive marine environments on Earth. They have a high degree of biodiversity and are often said to be the rain forests of the ocean. Natural coral reefs form over a per... Read More »

How are coral reefs beneficial to us?

Coral reefs are considered among the most spectacular sights on Earth, but they are threatened by many factors. Their importance is far greater than most people realize.Coral Converts Carbon Dioxid... Read More »

How to Repair Coral Reefs?

Repairing damaged and dying coral reefs is important for protecting ocean wildlife and beachfront development. Coral reefs are living coral polyps growing on ocean rocks that protect beaches and co... Read More »