How are computers used in school?

Answer Advances in technology have made the use of computers in schools a common practice. Even in the face of challenging school budget circumstances, implementing computers as an educational tool can be... Read More »

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Is anyone else offended that our kids in school are using this forum to learn to hack school computers?

Absolutely! My kids are still in elementary school, but I know that high school is just around the corner. I think it is appalling that kids can learn those types of things here, or anywhere. I ... Read More »

How are computers used in art?

The computer has revolutionized about every facet of modern life, and art-making is no exception. Computers play a major role in the art world, from altering historical processes to creating new te... Read More »

How Are Computers Used in Psychology?

Computers are essential to the health care industry. Doctors of all specialties are finding ways to use computers to conduct their daily continuum of work, which, in turn, allows them to improve th... Read More »

How are computers used in farming?

Computers play a prominent role in small family farms as well as large commercial farms. Because agriculture is interconnected with other industries, it is important that farmers utilize up-to-date... Read More »