How are computers used in farming?

Answer Computers play a prominent role in small family farms as well as large commercial farms. Because agriculture is interconnected with other industries, it is important that farmers utilize up-to-date... Read More »

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Fertilizers Used in Farming?

Know what goes into growing your food to decide if the extra cash spent on organic produce is really worth the expense. Fertilizers used in farming come from three basic sources and are subjected t... Read More »

What food is used in fish farming?

On One Hand: Fishmeal FeedSalmon and other carnivorous fish generally eat other fish. Farmed salmon is fed a mixture called fishmeal, according to Fishmeal is a mixture of fish me... Read More »

In organic farming what nutrients are used to feed livestock?

[1] Live stock need electrolytes; salt; the trace minerals such as calcium and phosphorus; and vitamins such as A, B12, and D. [2] They meet their nutrient needs on organic farms through feed, hay,... Read More »

First important farming tool used to break soil?