How are computers used in architecture?

Answer Computers have revolutionized the field of architecture, allowing for more accurate and rapid design, blueprints, and models. They are also used extensively in the financial records and management ... Read More »

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Which architecture is used in computer microprocessors?

Computer microprocessors use two types of architecture: CISC or RISC. CISC is the acronym for complex instruction set computer and requires more complex circuitry to decode its instructions. RISC s... Read More »

How is glass used in architecture and interior design?

AnswerGlass is used for its partial transparency, to connect a place with another without the barriers of a wall, also it is commonly used to let light pass through a place, so a specific place wil... Read More »

What local building materials are used in Florida's architecture?

Historic structures in Florida often used coquina (a limestone and shell fragments mix) and tabby (concrete made of sand, oyster shells and lime). Today, locally obtained building materials include... Read More »

How are computers used in art?

The computer has revolutionized about every facet of modern life, and art-making is no exception. Computers play a major role in the art world, from altering historical processes to creating new te... Read More »