How are cocoa beans harvested?

Answer Growers in countries such as Brazil and Ghana produce cocoa beans, more correctly called cacao beans. Once harvested, these beans form the basis for cocoa powder, cocoa butter and chocolate.OriginC... Read More »

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How are coffee beans harvested?

Coffee beans are seeds found inside coffee cherries. A single coffee tree can contain cherries at all stages of ripeness. The most cost-effective harvest methods can result in a harvest of mixed qu... Read More »

When are kidney beans sowed&harvested?

Kidney beans should be planted after all danger of frost ,and require approximately 105 days after germination to reach maturity. Harvest the beans once the moisture level drops to about 18 percent... Read More »

How many kidney beans can be harvested on one bush?

The number of kidney beans harvested from one bush varies and is usually low, comprising just a few bean pods. A home gardener must plant many kidney bean bushes to yield a pound of beans. Farmers ... Read More »

Do pinto beans grow under the ground or above and how are they harvested?

They grow above ground and are much like other beans for drying such as kidney beans.In a dry climate you can leave them to dry on the bush. In damp climates, or if you prefer, you can pick the pod... Read More »