How are citrus trees grown and cared for?

Answer Citrus trees are commonly grown in landscapes throughout the southern United States. Dwarf citrus trees have also become popular houseplants. Knowing how to properly raise and care for these trees ... Read More »

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Where are citrus fruits grown?

Citrus fruits are grown all over the world, thriving in warm tropical climates. In the United States, citrus fruits are predominately grown in Florida, California, Texas and Arizona. Citrus fruits ... Read More »

What state is the most citrus fruit grown?

I believe it is Tulare county, in California.

Best way to irrigate citrus trees?

The best for all trees is drip / micro.Add a fert. injector, a good time clock and it takes care of itself.if you want to contact me via answers, i'll send you the design i did for u of c during th... Read More »

When do you fertilize citrus trees?

Begin the early fertilizing schedule when new growth appears on the citrus trees in the spring. Feed your citrus trees each month until October. Spread the fertilizer 12 inches from the tree trunk ... Read More »