How are citrus trees grown and cared for?

Answer Citrus trees are commonly grown in landscapes throughout the southern United States. Dwarf citrus trees have also become popular houseplants. Knowing how to properly raise and care for these trees ... Read More »

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Where are citrus fruits grown?

Citrus fruits are grown all over the world, thriving in warm tropical climates. In the United States, citrus fruits are predominately grown in Florida, California, Texas and Arizona. Citrus fruits ... Read More »

What state is the most citrus fruit grown?

I believe it is Tulare county, in California.

Dry Fruit on Citrus Trees?

Citrus is a genus of flowering plants and includes approximately 1,600 species belonging to the subfamily Aurantioideae. These subtropical, evergreen fruit trees or shrubs can suffer from premature... Read More »

Mildew on Citrus Trees?

Mildew can grow on different parts of citrus trees, causing a variety of problems ranging from unattractive leaf spots to decreased crop yields. Unfortunately, mildew comes from fungus spores, whic... Read More »