How are car insurance premiums calculated?

Answer The price you pay for your car insurance premiums depends on a variety of factors, some you can control and some you cannot. For example, while you can control the number of miles you drive per yea... Read More »

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How are insurance premiums calculated?

Insurance premiums are calculated based on risk. Individuals determined to represent a high risk will pay more than those deemed a lower risk to the company.LocationAuto and health premiums are hig... Read More »

Can an employer offer the same insurance to employees but fully cover the premiums for some and require others to pay half of the premiums?

Answer No, if they are similiary situated individuals. It could be done by class - say management vs. salariedFor more details Read More »

How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums Using Insurance Price Quotes?

This article will take you through the process of lowering your insurance premiums through the use of insurance price quotes.

Define Insurance Premiums?

Insurance companies use many terms that to the average person are simply jargon and do not make sense. One of those terms is insurance premium. Premium has a nice sound, but it is basically your re... Read More »