How is the candy m&m's made?

Answer M&Ms are a popular bite-size candy made by Mars Inc. They come in a range of flavors, including plain, dark chocolate, peanut, almond and peanut butter. According to the "How Products Are Made" web... Read More »

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How is gummy candy made?

Tasty, chewy gummy candy is a favorite of children and adults worldwide. Fruit flavored and brightly colored, gummy candies come in many shapes, ranging from bears and other animals to fruit and wo... Read More »

How are candy apples made?

Candy apples are sweet treats, especially popular in autumn, when apples are in season. Fresh, crisp apples are topped with candy coatings and rolled in crunchy toppings to create a snack that's bo... Read More »

Who made the first candy bar?

The first candy bar was created in 1847, when confectioner Joseph Fry perfected a method of making paste out of cocoa powder and sugar. The paste could then be shaped into a bar by a mold and sold.... Read More »

Who made Candy Land?

Candy Land was developed by a San Diego women named Eleanor Abbot. In 1949 she submitted the game to Milton Bradley who introduced the game to the public in 1949. As of 2010, the game has sold more... Read More »