How are cacti suited to their environment?

Answer Cacti live in the desert, and as such must prevent the loss of water. They are covered with a waxy substance which keeps the water under the "skin" of the plant. Their "leaves" are in the form of n... Read More »

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How do flowers adapt to their environment?

Flowers adapt in a garden because the soil in which the plant is growing in has a lot of nutrients and if another plant or organism dies, all the nutrients go into the soil and that is what plants ... Read More »

How are cactuses adapted to their environment?

Cacti do not have spikes to protect them from predators, they have them, believe it or not, to give them shade so that they wouldn't have to use up as much water, the "protect from predators" part ... Read More »

How do apple tree respond to their environment?

Apple trees do not respond to their environment besides less fruit when less nutrient is available and more upward growth or foliage production when there isn't enough light

How do people in Rome depend on their environment?

Like people in all cities around the world, the people of Rome depend on their environment for continued survival. Since ancient times, residents have relied on the city's unique features to benefi... Read More »