How are cacti suited to their environment?

Answer Cacti live in the desert, and as such must prevent the loss of water. They are covered with a waxy substance which keeps the water under the "skin" of the plant. Their "leaves" are in the form of n... Read More »

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Why Is the Physical Environment Significant in Creating an Effective Classroom Environment?

The physical environment of a classroom helps to set the tone for the success of your students. Classroom setup is very important, especially for children in younger grades who spend most of the sc... Read More »

What are cacti?

The plural of cactus.A cactus is a poky desert plant.cactus

How old do cacti get?

my cactus grow as old as aunt gredla, she ain't older den 98

I was 700 miles from nasa space center Houston i moved at highway speed for 20 min.I did not change highways i moved from a desret environment to a rainfoorest environment where would i be?