How are bolts measured?

Answer Bolts have a simple and logical nomenclature method that provides all the information needed to identify them. Knowing the method to label screws and bolts makes it very easy to identify them.Diame... Read More »

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How is ph measured?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency describes pH as a measure of the balance between acid and base in a substance. The measure of pH can reveal much about the nature and properties of that sub... Read More »

How is the CPU speed measured?

One way to measure the power of a central processing unit chip is by its clock speed. This tells you how many cycles per seconds (or hertz) that it processes. A gigahertz represents a billion cycle... Read More »

How is a canvas measured?

If you are talking about Canvas Art then it is simply measured by the vertical side and then the horizontal side for example an A1 canvas is 20 x 30 Inches in size.

What is the wattage measured in?

Watts. Big wattage is measured in kilowatts (watts x 1000).