How are bifocals used today?

Answer Prior to the invention of bifocals, people with presbyopia (both near and farsightedness) needed two pairs of glasses, one for reading and one for seeing objects in the distance, according to Firmo... Read More »

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How long did take you to get used to progressive bifocals?

wow you are young to have bifocals.I've had them since I was 36 and it takes a day or so to really get used to them. ONe thing I learned over the years... make absolutely sure you get a good fit fo... Read More »

How long does it take to get used to bifocals?

Adjusting to bifocal eyeglasses will take longer than adapting to single vision glasses. Bifocal wearers can take many days to get use to a new prescription. Wearing your bifocals full-time can hel... Read More »

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How is a vaccine used today?

The same way they were used in the past, to prevent disease through artificially granting immunity. Actual administration varies; injections are most common, though certain vaccines (like those for... Read More »