How to Make Bagels?

Answer Bagels are among some of the most versatile foods, beaten only by bread. There are so many things you can do with a bagel, from making a pizza to a nice breakfast. Making bagels, though, is more th... Read More »

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Are bagels usually vegan?

They do not use milk in them, they are flour, salt, malt extract, water, there are ones with egg in the dough but not all, some when the boil them before baking use sugar or honey in the water, thi... Read More »

Hi what can i put in bagels for lunch?

cream cheese, sliced cucumbers, a slice of smoked turkey or ham, bean sprouts, etc.

How to Make Cinnamon Bagels?

A yummy bagel.Cinnamon bagels are a yummy, tasty treat. Here's an article on making your own!

How to Store Salt Bagels?

Whether lathered in cream cheese, dripping with melting butter, or topped with lox, bagels are the foundation of many tasty breakfasts. The circular bread is boiled then baked, creating a chewy and... Read More »