How are babies delivered?

Answer Babies can be delivered at home or in the hospital if it's a complicated birth, such as a casearean. Babies are normally delivered through the vagina after a woman goes into labour, and once she is... Read More »

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If a stork brings white babies and a swan brings black babies what brings no babies?

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What does F.O.B. delivered mean?

F.O.B. delivered means that the price given to the customer represents all costs needed to delivered the product to the customer's home or business, according to the Supply Chain Digest Website. Th... Read More »

Is genetic testing of prenatal babies harmful to the health of the babies and/or the mothers?

On One Hand: Genetic Testing Poses RisksPrenatal genetic testing of a developing fetus is done on fetal cells taken through amniocentesis, a sampling of amniotic fluid, or chorionic villus sampling... Read More »

When does a W-2 have to be delivered to the employee?

Employers must deliver an employee's W-2 by Jan. 31 of each year. A W-2 shows all of your taxable wages paid in a tax year and all the taxes withheld from your wages. It is used to file your state ... Read More »