How are babies actually made?

Answer Through sexual intercourse. A man puts his penis inside a woman's vagina and thrusts it in and out until a fluid called semen comes out of his penis. The semen is filled with sperm. If one of the s... Read More »

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When do babies start actually kissing?

Awww how sweet!! :)Caleb has been giving me baby kisses for a few months now. He gives me big, slobbery, open mouthed kisses.... sometimes with teeth involved which can become unpleasant pretty qu... Read More »

How IS Coke actually made?

It -has- been analyzed. Back in the 80s, a book came out 'Big Secrets' by William Poundstone, which analyzed not only Coca Cola but KFC's 11 secret herbs and spices (they found only salt and peppe... Read More »

Is Coke actually made of cocaine?

Hey! You have nothing to worry about. Back in the 50's and 60's it did, but now it does not. I love Coke! :)

Are there any knives actually made in the USA?

Companies that still make knives in the USA include Buck, W.R. Case and Son Cutlery, Bear & Son Cutlery, Lampsonsharp Knives, Kershaw Knives, Leatherman, Ontario Knives and Randall Made Knives.Sour... Read More »