How are attitudes formed&changed?

Answer There are a variety of ways that attitudes are formed and changed. For example, if someone grew up in a Christian household but became acquainted with New Age religions in college, he or she may de... Read More »

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British attitudes to parenting vs American attitudes?

I think you might be suprised actually! There was a question on here the other night that was answered by lots of woman who viewed your parenting attitude as the more positive - I will see if I ca... Read More »

Differences in attitudes to childbirth?

Oh, good question.You might like the movie trailer here:'m in Canada, which is in between the US and UK on loads of things, childbirth included. I'm frustrated by ... Read More »

What Are the Ten Scientific Attitudes?

There is a wide range of scientific fields, but it is essential for someone who would be a scientist to have certain characteristics. There are 10 particular attitudes that, if a person possesses t... Read More »

How to Change an Employee’s Attitudes?

The dictionary says that an optimistic outlook takes a favorable view of events and conditions and expects a favorable outcome. A pessimism outlook is one of negatively and anger. This is reflected... Read More »