How are animals adapted to living in the desert?

Answer Deserts are challenging places to live for animals that have not adapted to live there; however, many animals have evolved to be able to survive in a desert's harsh conditions.Nocturnal and Crepusc... Read More »

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How to Draw Desert Animals?

In this tutorial you will learn to draw one of the most famous and favorite desert animals- a camel!

Facts on Desert Animals?

Deserts can be one of the most un-inhabitable environments on earth; however, many creatures have evolved to live and survive within these regions. Although most people are familiar with some deser... Read More »

Animals in the Cold Desert?

Any environment on earth that receives less than 10 inches of rain or precipitation each year qualifies as a desert. The driest deserts get less than half an inch of precipitation throughout the ye... Read More »

Animals in the Desert of Egypt?

The Sahara Desert stretches throughout most of southern Egypt, with only the north coast of Egypt escaping the dry desert climate. Desert animals in Egypt tend to be small because the dry condition... Read More »