How are amphibians different from reptiles?

Answer Amphibians and reptiles have many differences including their origin, lifespan, habitats and types of species. They can look similar, however, and many people do not know their differences.Early Li... Read More »

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How are reptiles&amphibians related?

Reptiles and amphibians are often confused for one another because they look so similar. Evolutionary theory states that they are related, but they have evolved separately and become distinct anima... Read More »

What Do Amphibians & Reptiles Have in Common?

Scientists classify all living things on earth into five kingdoms: plantae (mosses, ferns, seed plants), animalia (animals with and without backbones), monera (bacteria), protista (protozoa, algae,... Read More »

Are newts reptiles or amphibians?

Newts are part of the amphibian group along with toads and frogs. Although newts live on land from summer to winter, they enter the water for breeding in the spring.References:Reptiles and Amphibia... Read More »

How are reptiles related to amphibians?

Reptiles and amphibians are distantly related, belonging to two different phylogenetic classes. Reptiles and amphibians are similar in many respects, but they are also very different.Reptile and Am... Read More »