How are practitoners able to diagnose coronary artery blockage?

Answer A licensed Naturopathic physician will diagnose CAD the same way a medical doctor would. The only difference is in the treatment. A licensed Naturopathic physician may prescribe medications and c... Read More »

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Can I have coronary blockage when my cholesterol is good?

It is possible to have coronary blockage with normal levels of cholesterol. Plaque build-up occurs in the arteries due to the cholesterol levels in the blood. Even normal levels can cause build-up,... Read More »

How to Prevent Artery Blockage?

Artery blockage is common for older people, but it all depends on what you have done once you were younger. Here you will learn how to prevent this serious heart disease, so that you can stay stron... Read More »

Artery blockage, angina, or nerves What else could this be?

Pain caused by angina/blocked artery usually gets worse with exertion so I'm fairly confident that's not the problem. Also, what you said about pressing your hands together makes it sound like it's... Read More »

All my tests are fine, but I still think I have a artery blockage?

Sir, will you change your consulting doctor as (it can be Prinzmetal's angina or USA too) impeding heart attack as soon as possible. See that they do an angiography and rule out coronary artery di... Read More »