How are U.S. Navy ribbons worn?

Answer The New Navy Uniform Regulations shows the Navy ribbons on the left breast of the uniform shirt or jacket. The sailor will line the ribbons in order of precedence on a ribbon bar.FunctionRibbons an... Read More »

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What Navy ribbons can be worn on the Army uniform?

Any award with a ribbon can be worn on a different service uniform if it was earned while attached to a joint command, the person was involved in a joint mission, etc. The ribbon device is worn on ... Read More »

Can Medals and ribbons be worn on marine corp dress blues?

Yes, but the only ribbons you can wear are the ribbons that does not have a corresponding Medal i.e Combat Action Ribbon, Seaservice Deployment Ribbon. You can wear up to 7 medals in one row but th... Read More »

Navy Uniform Regulations for Ribbons?

U.S. Navy personnel must follow strict regulations regarding the display of military decorations, the purpose of which is to clearly communicate rank and individual achievements, and to ensure unit... Read More »

How do you align ribbons on navy service uniform?

In rows of 3 on the right side of the uniform with rank of the ribbons in descending order.