How are Twinkies cooked?

Answer A popular snack food, the Twinkie has become a staple of American pop culture. The yellow cake's unique spongy consistency has led to many misconceptions, including some doubt as to whether or not ... Read More »

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Why can some meat be cooked medium rare but others have to be fully cooked?

[don't let the negative ratings deter you because people don't understand food, and where it comes, or how it is treated. everybody thinks food just comes from the supermarket in plastic. if you r... Read More »

Why don't they sell "Twinkies" in the UK?

Thats sad. I love Jolly Ranchers. Twinkies wouldn't make much $ if they shipped the product across the ocean, so they don't bother with UKq sales. Companies only care about cash, not customer enj... Read More »


someone bought it and they say it's coming soon, I think June

How did Hostess Twinkies get their name?

The Hostess Twinkie is one of America's most iconic snacks. The little yellow cake has been around since the 1930s, but the origin of its name is less exciting than you would think.HistoryTwinkies ... Read More »