How are TV ratings determined?

Answer Every program broadcast on television, with the exception of news and sports, is given a rating. The ratings are called TV Parental Guidelines and they alert parents about the content so they can d... Read More »

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How are movie ratings determined?

The movie ratings system is a voluntary system designed to provide parents with information about the content of movies, according to The ratings began in late 1968.Rating BoardMov... Read More »

How are bond ratings determined?

While not all bonds are rated, most companies and municipalities pay one of the three major ratings agencies to assign a rating to their bonds. The agencies determine bond ratings by thoroughly ana... Read More »

How to Choose Appropriate Movie Ratings and Television Ratings for Your Teenagers?

This is a step by step info on how to decide what is appropriate for a younger teenager and an older teenager when it comes to TV and movies.

If a biological father is not determined and the child is adopted by another man through the court can paternity be determined at 6 years of age and would the biological father have any rights left?

Answer By Canadian Law if the mother of the child purposely did not contact the biological father and she married and her husband adopted the child and the biological father found out then yes, he... Read More »