How are Styrofoam trays hurting the environment?

Answer Styrofoam trays are made of a chemical compound called polystyrene, and the trays take thousands of years to decompose in landfills. Millions of these trays are added to landfills on a daily basis.... Read More »

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Which Is More Eco-Friendly, Styrofoam Trays or Plastic Reuseable Trays?

With schools constantly understaffed and tight on budget, Styrofoam trays are popping up in cafeterias everywhere. However, with environmental concerns topping the headlines, many schools are wonde... Read More »

Do Styrofoam trays ever break down?

Styrofoam trays can take a very, very long time to start breaking down, but they eventually do. They can be recycled but it costs a lot of money for the process. When Styrofoam gets wet it may rele... Read More »

Hard Trays Vs. Styrofoam for Schools?

A debate among schools and parents has occurred for years across the country. Polystyrene, or Styrofoam, trays are used in many schools today. The foam lunch trays are cheap and biodegradable alter... Read More »

How to Make Building Toys from Styrofoam Trays?

Here's an easy building toy to make... and the fact that you're recycling makes it even sweeter! Try this with your kids. They'll have twice the fun... once making the building blocks and then play... Read More »