How are McGraw-Hill books leveled?

Answer Macmillan/McGraw-Hill offers a collection of leveled reading books for students in kindergarten to sixth grade. These books come in a variety of genres and help teachers assess students' reading an... Read More »

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Is Dr Phil McGraw related to McGraw Hill Publishing?

How to Use a Leveled Set of Books?

A collection of leveled books consists of books that are organized by their level of reading difficulty. Most leveled book sets utilize a lettering system, with "A" books being the easiest, and "Z"... Read More »

How to Use a Reading Basal Along With Leveled Books?

In elementary school students are taught to read using basal readers. These standard sets of books boast vocabulary words that are repeated several times throughout the text. Leveled books are also... Read More »

Characteristics of Reading Leveled Books?

Teachers use different leveled reading books to help their kindergarten and first grade students learn to read. Leveled books start with the simplest reading and gradually get more difficult. These... Read More »