How are LCs awarded in the US Military?

Answer That depends on the type of unit you are talking about. An armor platoon has sixteen men. A mechanized infantry division has around twenty thousand.

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How can you find out what military service ribbons you were awarded?

Answer You can request a copy of your DD214 from the National Personnel Record

Can a foreign military officer be awarded a U.S. medal?

There are certain United States military medals that foreign military officers may be awarded, including the Legion of Merit, the Soldier's Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal and the Army Achieve... Read More »

What rank does is an experienced surgeon awarded when entering the military?

That depends on exactly how much experience they have. They'll be a commissioned officer, for sure.

The Republicans feed the military and Arm the military and Train the military and Fund the military far greater than the democrats do so why would the military THEN be stacked against republicans?

I'm Fed by our Cooks, Armed by my Armorer, Trained by my Non-Commissioned Officers, and Funded by Congress.Nowhere in a chow line, weapons card line, training office, or finance office have I ever ... Read More »