How are GM foods labeled?

Answer The concept of labeling genetically modified food is a relatively new one, and subject to debate. Different countries have taken very different approaches on the issue.Genetic ModificationGenetical... Read More »

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How are foods labeled kosher?

For the kosher consumer, labeling is important. For many foods, rabbinic supervision is necessary in order for them to be considered kosher. A kosher label, or heksher, allows people to be sure th... Read More »

Why are foods without animal products not being labeled as vegan?

The reason is that they may NOT be vegan--there may be un-obvious animal ingredients in those foods you don't recognize as animal. OR the manufacturer does not want to associate their product with ... Read More »

How to Be Free from Being Labeled?

Emo, goth, "scene", punk, skater, gangster, prep... the world is full of labels and "subcultures". Are you not sick of people labeling you? Are you not sick of subconsciously labeling every person ... Read More »

How to Be Labeled Happy and Different?

If you're in a generation where everyone wants to be emo then listen to this. You may think being emo is a really sad thing. No one should try to be an 'emo'tional and be so sad.But please keep in ... Read More »