How aperturre size of adigital camera lense affect the image quality?

Answer When you format the memory in a digital camera, any photos that have been stored on that memory will be erased. The memory is also set up by the camera's software to store new photos.

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2 How does the number of pixels affect the quality of an image?

A digital camera has a set number of pixels on its sensor. A pixel or picture element is a dot of light and color with a measured value for both brightness and color. The more present pixels, the m... Read More »

How does colour depth affect image quality?

15x70 binoculars equals what size camera lense?

Do mega-pixels measure image quality size or both?

Mega-pixels do not equate to the quality of the image. More accurately, mega-pixels equate to the image size. The bigger the amount of mega-pixels, the bigger the image can come out to be. This do... Read More »