How annoyed are you by LOL?

Answer Oh, I'm so glad it isn't just me! I absolutely hate it. I see it and am never sure if they are saying 'lots of love' or 'lots of laughs' or 'laugh out loud'. Half the time it appears somewhere t... Read More »

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I'm so annoyed! SOMEONE HELP?

It could be some kind of copy right protection that is being triggered also the codec for the soundtrack may be doing that you might try converting the movie to another format and also the sound tr... Read More »

How to Not Get Annoyed on Club Penguin?

Are you tired of the penguins that stalk you, throw snowballs at you all the time, and just plain verbally annoy you on Club Penguin? Well, worry no more! Article to the rescue!

Ok drinkers! when you go out to a pub are you annoyed by?

Worst is darts nights. If you dare speak you are shushed by a load of beer bellied freaks throwing spears.

Annoyed all of a sudden for no reason?

Are there triggers that set you off? Sometimes feeling out of control can make you get frustrated and if you don't know how to manage your emotions, you'll react harshly. It's normal. If you thi... Read More »