How angry do you get when your internet service goes out ?

Answer Let's just wouldn't wanna be in the same room with me and you'd probably hear a whole lot of cussing!

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When you guys built your pc, did ya had internet service or did ya had to get it afterwards?

It makes no difference if you have an internet connection or not when you build a computer.After you build a computer you install the operating system and the drivers.Then you just plug in the netw... Read More »

What do you do when your internet service shuts down?

I am glad you're OK, I was worried. This has happened to me, and I spent my time worrying, so I didn't get a life like I should have. Sometimes I make pucker shot dates, I worry that my if my comp... Read More »

Where can you go to access wireless internet if your internet at home goes out?

Internet goes out when I connect with my netbook?

Hey!Try restarting your whole internet. If that doesn't work out, then the problem showed up after you upgraded your Internet. Most probably there is a big problem with your router. Change your rou... Read More »