How and why do plants vary?

Answer from the temperature

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How to Vary the Push up Routine?

So you're bored with the classic push-up. Or you're a monster and think the classic is just too easy. Either way, here are some suggestions to do something challenging instead of the bland push-up.

Why do vaccines vary in effectiveness?

Well , if you mean why do some hurt more or less than others I can help you. My high school is going to get the A(H1N1) flu shot this Friday and some people faint because of how scared they can be... Read More »

Do dishwashers vary in height?

Yes, by design, functions, and volume.

How to Vary Sentence Beginnings?

Good writers begin their sentences in a variety of ways to avoid monotony. Too many simple or compound sentences beginning with the subject followed by the verb lead to a choppy style of writing. T... Read More »