How and when do you prune a prunus padus tree commonly known as a bird cherry tree.?

Answer early spring

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How to Prune a Cherry Tree?

Learning how to prune a cherry tree properly is vital to the health and life of the delicate fruit tree. Cherry trees are prone to diseases and fungal infections which can spread easily if not prun... Read More »

When to prune a weeping cherry tree?

Weeping cherry trees should be pruned while they are dormant. This is from the time that they shed their leaves in the fall until their buds appear in the spring. Because weeping cherry trees are c... Read More »

How do I prune a weeping cherry tree?

Trim Trailing BranchesTrim the tips of any branches on your weeping cherry tree that are trailing on the ground to encourage healthy new growth. This should be done after the tree has finished flow... Read More »

How to Prune a Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree?

Weeping cherry trees are beautiful to behold during the spring months. This variety of cherry tree has graceful branches that arch over and hang toward the ground. The stunning blossoms are white o... Read More »