How was ancient Greek pottery made?

Answer Ancient Greek pottery was both a functional and a decorative art. The few vases remaining today give us a peek at life 2,500 years ago. Remarkably, the methods the ancient Greeks used to shape thei... Read More »

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What are ancient Chinese fans made of?

Early Chinese round fans were made using white goose feathers, pheasant feathers or silk. These fans first appeared in China during the 11th century BC Zhou Dynasty.TypesRound fans, or moon fans, w... Read More »

What stone were ancient greek columns made of?

Early ancient Greek columns were made of wood, brick or adobe. Later, Greek builders began using marble and limestone for the columns. Greek columns are mostly of the Doric or Ionic styles.Referenc... Read More »

When was the ancient Greek bird mask made?

The ancient Greek bird mask most likely appeared between 700 and 200 B.C. The wearing of masks in Greek theatrical productions evolved from festivals related to the God of fertility and wine, Di... Read More »

When was the Great Sphinx in ancient Egypt made?

According to, it is unknown exactly when the ancient Egyptian pyramid known as the Great Sphinx of Giza was built. The pyramid was likely built circa 2555 BC to 2532 BC, according to Em... Read More »