How accurate is radiometric dating?

Answer Radiometric dating provides a high degree of accuracy. With an optimal size sample, 1 g to 4 g of final carbon, the dating of artifacts less than 10,000 years old will deviate by plus or minus 40 t... Read More »

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What is radiometric dating used for?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, radiometric dating is used to date igneous, metamorphic and certain types of sedimentary rocks older than 50,000 years. This type of dating has determined t... Read More »

How reliable is radiometric dating?

Radiometric dating techniques are generally more accurate and reliable than relative dating techniques. Radiometric dating techniques use advanced technology to measure the decay of specific radioa... Read More »

Who discovered radiometric dating?

In the late 19th century, scientists discovered radioactivity and radioactive decay. In 1905, notable geologist Ernest Rutherford suggested in a lecture that by examining isotope ratios, scientists... Read More »

Is radiocarbon dating accurate?

Radiocarbon is fairly accurate, within its limitations. According to University of California-Santa Barbara, radiocarbon dating has a limit of 50,000 years (after this too little radiation remains)... Read More »