How accurate is carbon-14 dating?

Answer Radioactive carbon-14 dating is an accurate way to date fossils and archaeological evidence no more than 50,000 years old. It has its limitations, as precise single dates aren't accurate, but it gi... Read More »

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Is radiocarbon dating accurate?

Radiocarbon is fairly accurate, within its limitations. According to University of California-Santa Barbara, radiocarbon dating has a limit of 50,000 years (after this too little radiation remains)... Read More »

How Accurate is Ultrasound Dating?

Ultrasound dating in terms of pinpointing the conception date is most accurate during the first 18 weeks of pregnancy. In reference to the due date of a baby's birth, ultrasound technology is more ... Read More »

How accurate is radiometric dating?

Radiometric dating provides a high degree of accuracy. With an optimal size sample, 1 g to 4 g of final carbon, the dating of artifacts less than 10,000 years old will deviate by plus or minus 40 t... Read More »

Is carbon dating true?

Carbon dating is generally accurate, but it has its limitations. Because carbon dating measures age based on the half-life of radioactive carbon, it's hard to accurately date objects that are very ... Read More »