How accurate are ultrasounds in determining date of conception?

Answer On One Hand: Margin of ErrorAccording to Dr. Arthur T. Ollendorf, a professor of obstetrics at the University of Cincinnati, estimated conception dates from ultrasounds performed during the first t... Read More »

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How accurate are 4D ultrasounds?

A 4D ultrasound is more accurate than traditional ultrasounds in determining the sex of the baby. These ultrasounds are also highly accurate in assisting doctors to detect problems during the pregn... Read More »

There is a 12 day difference in due dates ultrasound confirms an earlier date and LMP is a later date Which is more accurate?

How to Estimate Date of Conception?

Conception dates can be confusing to estimate with or without known Last Menstrual Period dates.

Is the fetal age the conception date?

Fetal age refers to how old the baby is based on when he was conceived. However, when discussing pregnancy, the gestation age is often used, which is the age of the pregnancy rather than the age of... Read More »