How accurate are at home blood pressure testing kits?

Answer On One Hand: Home Equipment Can Be AccurateHome blood-pressure testing equipment that is properly calibrated can be accurate. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that people talk with a... Read More »

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Which finger is the most accurate for testing your blood sugar?

On One Hand: They're all the sameThere is no finger that gives you a more accurate reading for testing your blood sugar than the others. Dr. Susan Phillips, MD, Pediatric Endocrinologist at Childr... Read More »

Accurate low blood pressure?

A BP of 110/66 is fine and 99/60 is OK as well.If your BP is below 90/60 and you suffer from dizziness, faintness and actual fainting spells you have a low BP problem.If you feel OK you are probabl... Read More »

How accurate are blood pressure cuffs?

On One Hand: Invalid DataUsing an incorrectly sized blood pressure cuff can severely distort blood pressure data. Invalid data is the most common problem when using cuffs, and altered findings can ... Read More »

How to Get Accurate Blood Pressure Readings?

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