How accurate are Google Translate's translations?

Answer Sentences will usually come out backwards when translating to english. It depends on the language. Examples would be spanish, italian, etc.

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Google translate doesn't keep my translations?

it does not keep it!you can learn the numbers or ask about it here by the way 28 in arabicثمانیة وعشرونorثمانية وعشرين

Is Google Translate accurate?

No, it isn't. Never has. It will translate the words to its closest match-up. However, it won't include the proper grammar necessary.

Is there a website that translates stuff for you?

Are translations or other languages available?

SAFE-T-WORD bingo can be translated to almost any language. However, keep in mind that this promotion can help teach English and safety instruction that can be recognized and understood in an emerg... Read More »