How abundant is neodymium?

Answer Neodymium, chemical symbol Nd, was discovered in 1885 by Carl Auer von Welsbach. The element is not found naturally and is usually extracted from bastnäsite and monazite, both common ores. As of ... Read More »

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Is neodymium radioactive?

Neodymiun, or Nd, is a radioactive element. It is a metal and it reacts with oxygen, producing a yellow coating over the surface of the metal. Neodymium-144 is a radioactive isotope of neodymium.Re... Read More »

What is neodymium?

Discovered in 1885 by Carl F Auer von Welsbach, neodymium is a metallic chemical element classified as part of the Lanthanide group. Its name stems from two Greek words neos ("new") and didymos ("t... Read More »

What is the description of neodymium?

First isolated in 1925, neodymium is a rare-earth metal that is present in misch metal, as well as in the minerals monazite and bastnasite.TypesNeodymium exists in two allotropic forms, a double he... Read More »

What is a neodymium magnet?

Combined in an alloy with other metals, neodymium makes the strongest permanent magnetic material known. Discovered in the 1980s, these compact, powerful magnets have led to improvements in items s... Read More »