Who were/are the best cowboys in the movies?

Answer Clint EastwoodJohn WaynePaul Newman Gary Coopernot that they didn't have roles besides cowboys, but when they were they were brilliantBQ- Robert De Niro dropped out of high school to join a gangJoe... Read More »

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How to Be a Dallas Cowboys Fan?

The 2010 NFL season has had its ups and downs for the Dallas Cowboys[1] but that won’t matter to the loyal fan. If you are a die-hard from birth or a newcomer, this article will provide informati... Read More »

Why did cowboys wear spurs?

Spurs are pieces of metal attached to boots, with end pieces that stick out. Some have just a dull point on each, and others have a rounded object called a rowel that sits on the end of each spur a... Read More »

What do cowboys and indians wear?

When referring to cowboys and Indians, one usually thinks of the man on a horse in spurs and a bandana with leather chaps, and a man in a moccasins with a feather in his hair. Though in many cases ... Read More »

Why do cowboys wear spurs?

The earliest spurs were worn by members of the Roman Legion as a way to control their horses while keeping hands free for combat. Contemporary Western (or cowboy) spurs are made of heavier metal, a... Read More »