How about the monster headphones?

Answer The appearance is beautiful. Vogue, high, low are very shocked. It is especially suitable for hip-hop music and rock fans.

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Is monster dr Dre headphones the best?

Sure they can. When you are thinking about replacing them ask yourself some basic questions about the style, weight, cost and what you are wanting them for.check this out for more info.... http://h... Read More »

How to choose monster beats headphonesBeats headphones -- how good are they?

Please DO NOT waste ANY of your money on Beats, fake or not!If REAL quality is an issue, you should stick to REPUTABLE brands only such as B&W, Sennheiser (most affordable), Shure, Grado, Denon, AK... Read More »

EVERYBODY talks about the box on fake dre beats what about the headphones them selfs!?

The real ones don't sound too great to begin with, so if the fakes sound even worse then they need to be avoided at all costs. You also need to take into account the fact that the fakes may not be... Read More »

If I drink one monster energy can in about 15-20 minutes, will I die?

maybe maybe notcall and ask the Poison control center or your local hospital