How about it would you really eat Cows tongue ?

Answer Sliced thin and fried up with butter. Its actually pretty good. Much better than tripe, which is cow stomach, which is a delicacy I would prefer to do without..How people stomach it...I dont know..... Read More »

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Is Milk really cows blood?

i am studying vet medicicne and i studied milk formation process in my collegei think that the nutritionist dont mean thatas milk is formed from fatiacids which produced from fermentation of feed t... Read More »

Are the california cows really happy?

they should be happy they live in california

What are some albums that you think are really great and you would love the World to know about?

hello Lawmanthis was such an epic question that I'm simply answering so i'll have it on my list of answersi can't wait to look into many of the records mentioned above..just a random 10 albums "For... Read More »

Information about jersey cows?

The Jersey cow is the smallest breed of dairy cow that is milked on a large-scale basis. While small in stature, this breed has the highest butterfat and protein percent of all the milking cow bree... Read More »