How a virgin pregnant can remove her pregnancy?

Answer Ir is impossible for a virgin to be pregnant_____________________________I would ask you why you think you are pregnant if you are a virgin. Pregnancy is very unlikely without penile penetration. I... Read More »

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If a virgin has IVF treatment and gets pregnant is she still a virgin?

Can a virgin still take a pregnancy test?

yes.. physically a virgin can still take pg test. itd be pointless though..

Can a girl become pregnant if she is still a virgin?

Answer No girl can become pregnant without having sexual intercourse with a guy. Answer What do the schools teach in place of sex education these days? The extreme example would be if a female we... Read More »

You are 15 and pregnant but your mother thinks you're a virgin what do you do and how can you tell her?

look well i was in the same boat but i misscarried but you will have to be strong and expect to be slapped. dont take anything negative she says to the head you know brush it off. you always have y... Read More »