How a blog can become popular?

Answer Update your blog regularly and always beware on spellings and links as it irks the readers when there are broken links as well as misspelled words.You could check out my blog if you would like: htt... Read More »

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How to get your Blog on Tumblr become popular?

To get your blog popular, you need to post your own material that other people will want to see, and then tag it well so others can find your pictures. The more unique and original of content you ... Read More »

What can I do to get my blog popular?

Add some graphics to attract interest. It also helps to be a decent writer.If all this fails...nudity always works!

How to Write a Popular Blog?

There are thousands of blogs on the internet, but only so many are popular. This article will help your blog become a household name...

Selling a successful/popular blog?

I have the same amount and one of my friends recently bought a blog for $400 that has 30k followers. Usually it's a word of mouth type of thing. Or talk to some of your Tumblr friends and see if th... Read More »